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20, Ribi, Россия, Космос
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Spolna usmerjenostHetero
Višina>5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Teža100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
JezikiRuščina, Angleščina
Rojstni kraj
Sramne dlakeObrita
Velikost prsiMajhen
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People who treat me in a special way.Kindness.Understanding.I love passionate,strong and confident men
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Nice to meet you.I will be glad to talk with you and spend time
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People who do not know their sexual desires
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Our small victories)

Thank you my friends for your support, communication, and generosity !

                     Kiss !!!


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_FOCUS_ seznam želja
Unfortunately, I live with my pets in rented housing. At any time, they can put us on the threshold and then I can’t broadcast to you.
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bouquet of flowers
bouquet of flowers
I love when the house smells of fresh flowers :)).
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beautiful smile
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Travel to Cappadocia
Travel to Cappadocia
I dream to fly to this amazing and beautiful place. To fill up with new forces and make a lot of photos for you)
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Komentarji (63)
25. 01. 20
ты хорошая милая девушка <3 <3
24. 01. 20
Катенька, ты самая лучшая из всех!)
11. 01. 20
Эти бедра и ложбинки, и изгиб твоих сосков
в их прекрасном лабиринте заблудится я готов !
10. 01. 20
10. 01. 20
Ты как принцесса, так прекрасна,
Так удивительна, мила,
С тобой мне нравится общаться,
Ты так чудесна, так добра.
2. 01. 20
Best girl on the site!! Sooo beautiful! Add me baby
30. 12. 19
Эти глазки, эти губки может быть подарят нам
те счастливые минуты что равняются годам !
Потанцуешь обнаженной, поднимая ручки вверх,
и забуду пораженный наяву я или нет !
3. 12. 19
18. 10. 19
Прелестная девушка, безумно красива!
17. 10. 19


Hi, guys.My name is Katya and I am an aspiring photographer, as well as a snowboarder.Sometimes I'm open as a book to everyone,sometimes I'm not.In itself, I am very kind,and cheerful.

I like being here on Bongo to have fun, socialize,have sex...but not only that.Here I would like to meet new friends and make great and friendly relationships.About my personality: I am positive, I spend my free time shooting, reading books, going to the gym, playing with my animals;I snowboard in the winter, and in the summer on a wayboard, bike, and longboard.I also like to travel,meet new cultures and try different dishes of world cuisine.The best weekend for me is a vacation in nature.

I am very gentle, as well as any person can be offended.

My team